The establishment of Graduate Institute of Clinical Medicine will benefit to integrate the resource between the university and the hospital. Since most of under-graduated students from school of Medicine chose to serve in hospitals, it diminishes the competency and knowledge of basic sciences in these students. Consequently, we intend to make the lots of efforts on education of the clinical medicine. With the advent of great progression on medical technology, the human resource of medicine in the southern Taiwan is seriously insufficient. The establishment of Institute of Clinical Medicine in Kaohsiung Medical University will enhance the competence of our university and the local area. Further, we can cultivate distinguished professionals in medicine to make them approach to the international level. The unique of our university is based on the clinical medicine. By integrating the basic science and clinical medicine, our students could utilize the relevant knowledge of clinical medicine to facilitate the qualities of clinical service.


The aim and the feature of Graduate Institute of Clinical Medicine is training the doctors could not only devote into traditional clinical service but also have the abilities in modern bio-medicine. Except for molecular biology, cellular biology and molecular diagnosis methods, the point of teaching is focusing on the familiarity of various experimental techniques, including cell culture, gene manipulation, DNA and RNA extraction, protein extraction, flowcytometry, etc. Furthermore, to intensify the independent research abilities that students could understand how to change clinical practice from a basic discovery through translation research and make innovations and improvements in diagnosis and therapeutic methods. So that we can rear up the qualified doctors which we called “physician scientist”. The difference between our institute and the others is that we could emphasis on building the physician scientist, and that is why we do not recruit the graduates from other department. Specifically, we train the physician scientist who have both clinical and basic research abilities. They have originality and motivate to solve the problems of medicine will make contribution to the human’s health


1.To emphasize the integration of basic and clinical studies through interdisciplinary research.

2.To make improvements and innovations in diagnosis and therapeutic methods.

3.To integrate Big Data Analytics in Clinical Medicine.


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